Tembakau Pipa Tambolaka (100gr)


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Tambolaka – Pipe Tobacco (Pouch 100g)

Indonesian farmers toil in their islands’ rich limestone soils to grow their flavorful tobacco leaves. After harvesting and air drying the leaves the unique aging process begins. The villagers roll the leaves into 10 foot long sticks of pure tobacco which they then bind using hand made cord to protect from the outside air. They then put these sticks inside their primitive huts and store them for 5 years as the tobacco becomes richer by the day. After aging, this tobacco is cut into three or ten inch sticks for sale as pipe tobacco, as well as being used as a component in Indonesian made cigars, such as Tambo Cigars.

Brand Tambolaka Natural Tobacco
Contents Burley, Cigar Leaf
Flavoring None
Cut Rope
Packaging 100g Pouch

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Tembakau Pipa Tambolaka (100gr)

Tembakau Pipa Tambolaka (100gr)


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