Senior Adjustable Tobacco Pipe Reamer With Drill by Javan Cigars

Senior Adjustable Tobacco Pipe Reamer With Drill
Senior Adjustable Tobacco Pipe Reamer With Drill
Kode Produk: RMR-SRD
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Harga: Rp 350.000 Rp 300.000
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Senior Adjustable Tobacco Pipe Reamer With Drill

Perfect Ream every time Maximum Bore 21mm Minimum Bore 17mm The Reamer most pipe smokers will put off buying for a lifetime but cant live without!

Any good pipe smoker knows that controlling the carbon build up is essential in getting the most out of your carefully selected briar pipe. A well reamed pipe will smoke cooler, sweeter and last a lot longer. Opinions vary on the optimum depth of Carbon you should allow to build up in the bowl but generally the recommended is around 2mm and should be even around the bowl to prevent hot spots. This can not be done effectively with a pipe knife and is only achievable to a certain level with a 2 prong self adjusting pipe reamer or the ever popular hedgehog reamers.

The Senior pipe reamer is the only reamer to have three scrapers/prongs to give a perfect, even ream every time. Simply screw the end to adjust the reamer for different bore pipes insert into the bowl and twist the reamer until it moves freely. If the desired ream hasnt been achieved tighten it a 1/4 turn and twist again.If you want the same bore on every pipe in your collection you need never adjust the reamer.

The Drill bit is specifically designed for cutting through hard blockages in the stem and will save many pipe smoking nightmares. This screws neatly into the back of the tool so you will almost forget it is there until that ONE DAY!

  • Machined Aluminium body
  • Perfect Ream every time
  • Handy Drill bit for clearing blockages.
  • Makes your pipe smoke cooler and sweeter.
  • Greatly increases the life of any pipe 


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