GIZEH Compact Size Starter Set (Injector + Tube) by Javan Cigars

GIZEH Compact Size Starter Set (Injector + Tube)
Kode Produk: GZH-CSSS
Stok: Stok Habis
Harga: Rp 170.000 Rp 135.000
Harga dalam Point Reward: 170
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GIZEH Compact Size Starter Set (Injector + Tube) 

The compact Gizeh pack is an ideal package that combines 1 compact injector/filling machine, 2 boxes of compact tubes x 120, and two compact cases for storing cigarettes. 

The compact tubes have a thinner diameter (7.2 mm) and a shorter packing length (62 mm). 

The difference in size and diameter saves 25% of tobacco compared to a standard tube. 

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