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Tembakau Shag Manitou Virginia Gold (Pouch 25 gr) by Javan Cigars

Tembakau Shag Manitou Virginia Gold (Pouch 25 gr)
Kode Produk: MAN-VG.P25
Stok: Tersedia
Harga: Rp 65.000 Rp 47.000
Harga dalam Point Reward: 45
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Manitou Virginia Gold Shag Tobacco (Pouch 25 gram)

Manitou Hand Rolling Tobacco The Manitou Additive Free Hand Rolling Tobacco is a premium blend of fine Virginia tobacco sourced from the best growing regions worldwide. All tobacco used is 100% free of any chemical additives, preservatives, humectants and synthetic flavours. There is no reconstructed sheet tobacco or processed stem for a true quality raw tobacco.

  • Include 1 booklet of premium rolling paper
  • Easy to roll by hand or in a quick fill injector.
  • Weight : 25 gr
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